AMI (Association Montessori International / USA) A to I Diploma, BS in Elementary Education Pre-K-6, CPR infant, child and adult certified, 21 years of experience as an Educator

Cassandre is an infinite learner, observer, traveler, dreamer, crafter, who believes that every child is uniquely capable and deserving of respect, patience and understanding.

When Cassandre decided to become a teacher, she knew her family would not be too thrilled with her decision. From the time she started high school, she was told nursing would be a more suitable career choice for her. She wrestled with the idea for quite a while, but she knew deep in her heart that she wanted to teach. She wanted to inspire children as many former teachers had inspired her. For the past 21 years, Cassandre has worked diligently and tirelessly as an educator. Thirteen of those years were spent teaching in a Montessori environment. In 2005, she observed in a Montessori school and immediately fell in love. Although, she was not very familiar with the Montessori method, she was instantly drawn to it. The leaner in her wanted to know more about this amazing approach to education. Cassandre has used her passion and dedication for the Montessori philosophy to become an aid to life. She hopes to help spark an infinite love of learning and independence in the many lives that she touches.


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