AMS Elementary I and II Training, BA in English with minor in Elementary Education, Master's in Elementary Education, Adelphi University.

Chloe is a woman who always brings sunshine wherever she goes. She lives for adventure from trying new foods to traveling to different destinations around the world! A self- proclaimed dancing queen, Chloe, also has a strong passion for music that excites her soul.

Chloe believes patience and kindness are core values that are necessary to connect with children. Chloe's mission as an educator is to address the learning styles of every student in order to meet their individual needs.Through her Master's program at Adelphi University, Chloe was able to work with students ranging from Grades 1-6. She discovered that in order to foster children's development, we must help them grow academically, socially, and emotionaIly. In her teaching, she strives to spark students' intellectual curiosity and truly believes that for any child the sky is the limit!