Certified Lower Elementary Montessori Teacher, BA in English, 13 years teaching experience, 5 years’ experience as a Special Education assistant.

Debbie enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with family and friends. She believes that each day offers new opportunities for learning and enjoying all that life has to offer. Her mornings usually start with a cup of coffee, newspaper and a challenging cross word puzzle. She brings her passion to the classroom where children are encouraged to pursue a learning path that reflects their unique outlook and interests.

Debbie has over 15 years’ experience in early childhood education. She has worked in a traditional learning environment in the Harborfields school district, and as a Montessori teacher at the Love of Learning school in Centerport. She has experienced firsthand the results of the Montessori approach, and subsequent success of many of her students. She often says, “The most rewarding part of being a Montessori teacher is to meet a former student and receive a lively greeting, what better proof that she contributed to a foundation that will continue to serve them in their lifelong pursuits”. She continues to pursue her love of Art in many of the class projects, and in the end of year school play, which in addition to writing, assists with many of the stage props and overall stage design. She looks forward to the many planned excursions outside the classroom, where children encounter learning experiences in a natural setting, closely resembling real life situations. A healthy balance between class time and “hands on” learning experience is a great motivator for both student and teacher. Finally, Debbie enjoys sharing her own learning enrichment experiences outside the classroom as part of her daily lesson plan. She believes that this encapsulates the end game for any progressive learning approach.