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For the past 20+ years, Julie has been involved in several aspects of Elementary-aged student Education and Development.

When Julie’s two girls were students in Bellerose Elementary School, Julie became very interested in getting involved in the interaction of Parents, Teachers, and Students. The best avenue for her to become involved was to connect with the School’s PTA. She was elected as Vice President where she served for two years. Subsequently, she was elected Co-President of the Bellerose PTA where she served for another two years. During her years in the PTA, she became an advocate for various educational activities including fundraising and school trips.
During her high school years, Julie was active in Athletics, including Track and Field. Her passion for outdoor sports was a natural progression in Julie becoming a girls Lacrosse coach for two years in the Northport Athletics program.
Julie’s daughter, Courtney, found a passion for horseback riding and jumping at Thomas’ School of Horsemanship. Julie found a perfect path for combining her passion for children’s athletics and her daughter’s passion for competitive horseback jumping. Julie naturally became involved at Thomas’ organizing competitive riding events. While at Thomas’, Julie also became the Director of Art Classes at the school’s summer camp for two years.
As her daughters progressed through to Northport High School, Julie’s passion for Elementary School Education led her to a career as a Teachers Assistant for children with educational challenges. She worked in several of the Northport Elementary Schools, working with children between 8 and 11 years of age. Julie remained in the Northport School District for 13 years.
Julie’s passion for child development and education did not cease with her recent retirement from Northport Union Free School District. Julie’s passion for child development was reinvigorated when a recent opportunity arose at The School House where she embraces the progressive environment that fosters children’s learning and development at The School House.
Julie recently completed her Associates Degree in Business Administration at Suffolk Community College.

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