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School Librarian, BA in English, 5 years of experience in the library setting.

Kaila loves reading, watching films, and writing poetry, short stories, and song lyrics. She is here
to share her love and knowledge of literature with every child.

Kaila knew that she wanted to be a School Librarian since the fifth grade when her School
Librarian read a book to her class called The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick during
a library visit. She loved how her School Librarian painted the story in her head, garnering her
love of books more than she could ever imagine. Ever since then, Kaila has been an avid reader,
with her favorite book genres being gothic horror, Children's literature, mystery, drama, and
poetry, and she has worked hard to begin her journey of becoming a School Librarian so that she
can help children garner a love of books and reading as her School Librarian did for her.

As far as her experience in the library goes, she has been working in the public library setting
since she was in high school, starting as a Children's Page at Brentwood Public Library, then as a
Circulation Clerk at both Brentwood and Central Islip Public Library, and then as a Children's
Librarian Trainee at Central Islip. As a Children's Librarian Trainee, she conducted Children's
programs such as storytimes, arts and crafts activities, and outdoor festivals, as well as
recommended the best books to every child based on their interests and reading levels.

Kaila also has an educational background that compliments her role as School Librarian, having
graduated from Stony Brook University, Magna Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Arts in English
in May 2023.

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