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Family Engagement - February 2020

In February we honor our American Presidents, the Coming of Man and Love of course. We look into Morals and the Civil War.

Family Activities:



Have your children stand outside before leaving for School.  Do they notice something? Birds. With Valentine’s Day as the poetic start of the avian mating season almost overnight the bird population has burst back onto the scene.

Attend friend Mike Botini’s Long Island Nature Conference with your child starting March 20th.  This is the annual gathering of Long Island’s best naturalists and they offer three days of insight into local species.  I’ve taken my boys to this conference and it’s made for nature guides and scientists but at 5 and 7 years old they did great last year.  For more information: https://www.seatuck.org/index.php/2020-conference-agenda

Remember to go outside at night with your child.  We spend so much time indoors this time of year, but walking after dinner together is a great way to see the stars, get some fresh air and guarantees a good night sleep.


This is the focus of our Ambassadors of Kindness this month.  Ask your children for only “accurate” stories this month.  Avoid the term “lie” and rather help them practice giving accurate details of events.

Valentine's Day.

I know many of you are participating in Valentine’s Day with your Learner.  Sit with them as they make their Valentine’s, practice their writing, add paint, work on their penmanship.  Because you’re not hovering over them every night with homework, wait until you see how receptive they are now when you do offer them help!


All of The School House Learners are heavy into money right now.  A great tactile representation of our Presidents.  When you travel or go out this coming week, have them pay for things with cash and coins.  Let them make the change.  Don’t worry about the person behind you.  It’s a school project tell them… and empower your Learner to use, save and allocate money.  

Elementary Families.  

We begin our study of the Industrial Revolution.  For your “homework” ask your child to choose one thing in your home to research.  A lightbulb, a fridge, a washing machine, a keyboard, etc. Ask them to draw or write about its origin and bring their findings into school.  I’ll be reading them at Provocation.

Have a wonderful week off with your children.  One of my favorite quotes: “Some days it’s okay if you did nothing else but breathe.”  Breathe.

What to Read:

We celebrate poetry here all year, but most especially this upcoming month.  If you are buying books or borrowing books from the Library choose those that inspire poetry.  Children also love poems written by other children like this Poetry Treasury which is lauded https://www.amazon.com/Treasury-Childrens-Poetry-Alison-Sage/dp/0091767482

In celebration of President’s Day, the U.S. Senate reads President George Washington’s Farewell Address.  Please read this to your children in lieu of a nighttime book.  While it’s quite long, many great questions arise from this address.  It’s a testament to the beauty of our nation and something that perfectly illustrates all that we’ve been learning about at TSH this past month:https://avalon.law.yale.edu/18th_century/washing.asp

What To Watch:


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