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Projects with an * indicate Learner-led projects that can potentially engage Learners for 30+ minutes independently.

For Bigger Ones:

Give your children a scavenger hunt Geography Style!  List 30 things they must find on a globe or on a map - i.e biggest continent, continent with most countries, etc.

50 States Project

Choose a "State of the Day" research project where Learners can deep dive on research about the state, draw the shape of the state and eventually get an entire 50 start map.  This is great for 50 days of content that covers all areas: math, reading, writing, research, motor skills, etc. 

Download PDF • 305KB

Use chalk to draw a blank map of the United States on your driveway.  Ask your children to fill in the states. They can peek at a map if they haven’t yet mastered the states.  Ask them if they’d like to draw their own state or country.  What are the elements of that place?  What do they make there? What is the climate?  How big is it?  What kind of animals live there?  Think of all the things you’d like to find out about!*

Use chalk to draw just the outlines of states, the USA, other countries and the World.  

  • Have your child add what they know to each section.  

  • They will naturally have questions about where this place is and how it relates to other places. 

  • This will often lead to them coming up with their own states and countries.  

Buy the game the Scrambled States of America online. Very fun for ages 6 and up!e game the Scrambled States of America online.  Very fun for ages 6 and up!

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