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At-Home Learning: HISTORY

Projects with an * indicate Learner-led projects that can potentially engage Learners for 30+ minutes independently.

For Bigger Ones:

Spend an entire week just on Music History!  Find your favorite music and research the when, how and where.  Add it to your bigger historic timeline.

Hang up a Timeline of Life in your home, so children can add to when things have occurred in our history.  Add their birthdays!*

Look up the history of anything and everything in your home. 

  • The history of the quarter.  

  • The history of the shirt.

  • The history of the sofa.

These can connect to almost anything you are learning.  

What is the history of viruses?

For Little and Big Ones

Set a night-time story time.  This can be tied to anything in history as for much of history there were no televisions or even radios.  Tell stories: of how Mom and Dad met, of where grandparents are from, of things that made you happy as a child, things that continue to make you happy.

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