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At-Home Learning: LANGUAGE

Projects with an * indicate Learner-led projects that can potentially engage Learners for 30+ minutes independently.

For Bigger Ones:

Nouns & Adjectives Around Us: Go on a walk and take a stack of index cards with you.  On the

first part of the walk, ask your children to name all the nouns they see.  Write them down, one on each card, as they call them out.  On the way back, ask them to name all the adjectives and do the same.  When you get back divvy them out to you and them equally.  Now write a story using just those nouns and adjectives.  Ask them - and do this as well - to underline the adjectives.  Read the stories out loud with and without the adjectives!  Mind-blowing.

Give your children just 6 minutes to write the best story ever.

Typing.com is free and really effective at teaching proper hand placement and practice. 

Nouns and Adjectives

Move the label project outside now that the weather has changed.  Cut strips of paper with tape or use Post Its and ask them to label 50 of these grammar elements outside.  


Ask your child to pick any 5 things in your home.  Then on small pieces of paper, ask them to write a descriptive of the object using the BEST describing words they can think of: slick, slippery, hot, molten, smooth, bumpy.  For little ones, you can do the writing and let them do the describing!  

Use strips of paper and tape and ask your children to label all the nouns and adjectives in the house.*  

Ask your child to engage in a book that is at their comfort level or perhaps a little difficult.

  • Use a piece of tape and ask them to tape over each word they do not know. (This is more fun than just underlining!)

  • Look up each word together.

  • With the words make a paragraph. This is hilarious.

Pick a big novel and read it to them two chapters at a time. (Wizard of Oz is great and you can buy it for about $5 online.)

  • Ask them to draw the characters as you read them. What is happening in their minds eye

  • Have them also sketch out scenes and label them with adjectives and verbs (and nouns!)

  • Culminate with the watching of the film or the music of the film. Wizard of Oz is a much better book than film maybe!

For Little and Big Ones

For the older child who is writing, have them make a book of all their favorite jokes. (What do you call a geometric solid that fell in the bathtub? A wetangular prism.)  Ms. Jen will love these for our library or you can start a mini-library of your own.*

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