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At-Home Learning: MATH

Projects with an * indicate Learner-led projects that can potentially engage Learners for 30+ minutes independently.

Scale is a very difficult but awesome mathematical work.  With the launch of SpaceX Falcon 9, see if you can make a scale model of the Universe.  And we don’t mean the kind on your desk!  Use your entire driveway, street or other large space.  Use a large ball as the sun.  Now measure - creating your own scale - how far from the Sun the planets would be and and how large (or small) the planets and moons are compared to the Sun.  You can make the planets and their orbits out of painters tape!*

Write your child’s math everywhere!  Whether they are learning addition or multiplication, write problems on the shower wall, on the windows, on the driveway, on the mailbox.  Then ask them to go on a math scavenger hunt!

For Bigger Ones:

Move math into house help.  Ask your child to sort the laundry into four equal piles (or six or eight).  Do division or multiplication with these groups.  If your child is younger, sort by color!

Create a Board Game with Math (another great use of Foam Core and worth the investment)

Math & Building* Order or pick up foam core, hot glue gun and an exacto knife.  These will come in handy for many future projects, so definitely worth the $25 investment!

  • Ask your child to build their dream home.

  • Now… use a ruler to make things to scale.  They will have to measure your toilet for instance and then cut out a toilet that is to scale.  For instance 1/4” equals 1 foot.

  • If you have Legos around this can become a great long term project.

Math & Scale

  • Ask your child to research what animals they love.

  • Use painters tape measure out how big these animals can get. For instance below, you might be surprised that the largest rabbit on earth has 2 foot ears!


  • Put on a song loud.

  • Ask them to clap to the beat.  Then tap a pencil to the beat.  Then stomp a foot to the beat.

  • All this is hard, but illustrates how important counting is!

Use what is on your property to do math.  Here is an example of using pavers.  Add a number to each paver and ask them to add the entire row of pavers (this one was 22 pavers long and the end number was 158).  This is very consuming for children as they very much want to get to the end!*

You can use these pavers for skip counting: by 2s, 3s and 5s.

Use money whenever possible for challenges.  Ask them to fill the basket with $3.46 or 127 pennies or $8.00 worth of quarters.*

Lego can become more enriched learning.  Ask them to count each piece of Lego in each bag… then divide it by 2 (or 4 or 7).  See if the total number of Lego ends up matching the number on the box.  Ask them to write a story about their finished Lego product and illustrate it. You can even send it off to the President of Lego.*

Money (see image)

For Little and Big Ones

Counting: Spend a whole day on counting.

  • Make them a special counting book.

  • Tell them the story of why things are counted: it all started when we moved from being hunters and gatherers to being agricultural humans.

  • Ask them to count things in your home, but they have to count them twice!

  • Even for big kids this will illustrate the importance of groups, sets and getting things right!

Go for a walk together. How far away is 100 steps? 1000 steps?  How many feet make a meter? How far away are things like your mailbox, your street, your house or your driveway? Make signs showing these distances.  Can you also measure them or covert them into centimeters or fractions of miles?*

Put a new box of sorting objects out every day (for Littles).  Fill it with things they can match and categorize: buttons, cloth strips, bolts, crayons, etc.  They will be very excited to “find” this box every morning.  

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