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Projects with an * indicate Learner-led projects that can potentially engage Learners for 30+ minutes independently.

For Little and Big Ones

Set up an obstacle course but use very wacky things:  drink a glass of milk at the halfway point for instance.

  • Time each family member as they try to get through it.

  • Make awards for the fastest, the funniest, the slowest but has the most flair!

Math & PE

  • How many times can your child roll?

  • Do jumping jacks?

  • Do spins?

  • Run from the front yard to the back.

  • Use these numbers to do math or to tell a story about the fastest spinner or runner.  Write the story outside in chalk.

Have a running race with your kids (and see just how out of shape you are!)

Go for a walk together. How far away is 100 steps? 1000 steps?  How many feet make a meter?  How far away are things like your mailbox, your street, your house or your driveway? Make signs showing these distances.  Can you also measure them or covert them into centimeters or fractions of miles?*

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