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At-Home Learning: SCIENCE & NATURE

Projects with an * indicate Learner-led projects that can potentially engage Learners for 30+ minutes independently.

Find the mushrooms in your yard and measure them from day-to-day.  Track their rate of growth (astounding), then take paint and a fine-tipped brush and draw funny faces on them!

Build a squirrel condo!  Nail all kinds of wood to a tree trunk, floor + roof + porch and fill it with birdseed.  Watch them move in!*

For Bigger Ones:

Find interesting science experiments just lying around your house.  Work with your children to look up the why.

  • Put a peeled banana in a jar and watch it for several days (weeks).  You’ll be astounded!

  • Put an egg in a cup of vinegar.

  • If you have rabbits or hamsters, put that fluffy stuff from the bottom of their cage in a glass of water.  Whoa!

  • Leave a piece of bread out for a week.  Keep a journal of the changes.  Look up what happened.

Go on a nocturnal animal safari.  Start at sunset and bundle up.  See how long you and your family can observe what’s happening outside at night.  Raccoons, owls, other birds.  Staying absolutely quiet outside is great practice in self-control.

Draw the stars at night.  Make your own constellations.*  

For Little and Big Ones

Count the trees on your property.  Look up how many trees are in the world.  The number is pretty impressive.  Divide that number by those on your property! *

Do you know the names of all the trees? If not, look them up together and become first name friends.  Make signs on each of your trees (or shrubs) and find out what this kind of wood is used for in making things.

Look at the sky. Do you know the scientific names of the clouds you see?  If not, draw them and describe them… then go look them up.  Or make up entire stories by the shapes you see! Change up dinner (or breakfast) and make a picnic on a blanket outside (or inside if the weather is inclement).* Watch the sunset together. Watch the sunrise together. Watch the moonrise. For olders, draw what the moon looks like at the same time everyday for a month.

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