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Projects with an * indicate Learner-led projects that can potentially engage Learners for 30+ minutes independently.

Start a campaign with your child and stick to it.  Maybe it’s being a vegetarian for a week (think how much of the Amazon you can save!) or not eating any sugar.  Maybe it’s writing a letter everyday to someone you love.  Point is… agree on something and stick with it.  

For Bigger Ones:

*What was the dishwasher invented and by whom? How do we effectively load a dishwasher? What is in that dishwashing liquid?

*Teach your child how to do the FULL laundry cycle: separation, loading, drying, folding. As a treat after, examine the lint under a microscope or magnifying glass. What is in that stuff?

*Order a Blue Apron or some other dinner in a box and have them cook up a meal from start to finish just using those instructions.

For Little and Big Ones

Can they cut and file their nails on their own?

How to make a bed. This is very hard for most children and that’s why they don’t do it. Take 20 minutes and make it fun! Match corners of sheets, invent a new way to fold fitted sheets, add flowers to the bedside.

*Show your child how to use the laundry machines. What do each part of the laundry machines do?  Engage them in folding and putting away when done.  You can even go so far as to set up and old fashioned laundry station to show how they did laundry “back then”.  All you need is a pail and a rock.  After they do a few pieces of laundry the old fashioned way, they might love doing it the new way! *Change up dinner (or breakfast) and make a picnic on a blanket outside (or inside if the weather is inclement).* Check in with a neighbor and see if there is a small task you might do for them together.*

Have your children plan a date night for you and your husband or wife.  Put on a movie while you have your date! * 

For Littles

Make sure they have a Kitchen Montessori cabinet set up in their home

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