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TSH Observations - 2020 April 17th

Week Ending April 17th, 2020: From Founder & Principal Mimosa Jones Tunney

Hello TSH Parents:

A few big announcements as we head into the third part of our mandated School Closure now set through May 15th by Governor Cuomo.  We continue to miss you all so very much… keep those photos coming.  They are now up on our Parent Space section of www.theschoolhouse.org.

1.  Ms.Jade, Ms. Nicole (Walker) and Ms. Julie have all agreed to come aboard to infuse our camp with “academic work” over the summer.Two days a week, these and other Educators will offer full-mornings of materials work, reading, writing, geography, math and science.   If you’d like to join our TSH Summer Camp for these weeks please visit: https://www.theschoolhouse.org/parents

2.  We are bummed and proud to announce that Ms. Carissa will be moving into an administrative role in New Jersey and continuing her work on her leadership project for AMS which is a great honor.  I know so many of our Educators have benefitted from her being a part of the team.  Her knowledge has influenced the AEC as we continue to build this curriculum into a world-class alternative to the Common Core practices around the country.  We’ll make sure to give her a proper send off before this is all over.  For those Learners in Ms. Carissa’s class, we're looking forward to announcing our new Elementary Educator in early-May!

3.  Keep your Learner’s Portfolio.  Collect their work (or a nice sample of it) as we move through these months of quarantine.   In mid-May we’ll either be bringing these into School or sending them in so our Educators can write thorough Narratives about your Learner’s Work and Progress.

4.  Our Parent Space is Up & Loaded with information on Engaging Activities at Home, Online Resources (that we have vetted for content and effectiveness) and Books & Films that are helpful in your Learning environment.  This is also where you’ll find photos of our Learners and we’ll update all these sections weekly: https://www.theschoolhouse.org/parents

5.  Get ready for Spirit Week and a TSH Original: Wink & Wave!  I’ll keep you guessing for a few days, but it’s going to be very fun!

And finally:

During the break I watched a documentary called Unstoppable about Bethany Hamilton (this is the second, follow up doc) - the pro-surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack on the North shore of Kauai where I grew up.  I highly recommend watching this film with your family.

Bethany surfs big wave Fiji (and other places around the world) with one arm (having lost almost every other competition that year) nursing her one-year old baby on a boat between heats.  Her story from 13 year-old victim to constant and consistent survivor is so valid as we examine our own struggles and strength throughout this time. If she can do what she’s done… we can do what we’re doing: forging on - despite our setbacks - to build the best education for children here and beyond. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xbNitFJlqk

Have a great week.



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