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TSH Observations - 2020 March 13th

Week Ending March 13th, 2020: From Founder & Principal Mimosa Jones Tunney

Hello TSH Families!

Your children were amazing yesterday!  They were thoughtful, inquisitive and so unbelievably loving.  I know I speak for the entire Team in saying how much we will miss them next week.  This was a time of heightened stress for all of us (COVID-19) - and whether fears are warranted or not, the unknown always causes some degree of uncertainty and therefore anxiety.

There are many different circumstances each of you will have over the next ten days.  Some of you will be able to stay at home with your children, others will have to arrange for caregivers and head to work.  The information below is merely a guide from the perspective of the child.  Each of you will handle these events in your own way as a family.  What we’ve tried to do here is to provide a guideline for keeping a sense of normalcy for our Learners.  If you intend to head out of town and into nature, you may choose to do none of the below or if you are planning to stay at home for various reasons, what we’ve offered are Digital Lesson Plans so you can structure their day similarly to that of The School House.

View March 13th Family Engagement to look for options for following a slightly modified TSH schdule for the upcoming COVID-19 Stay-at-home mandates.

Find Out More: March 13th Parenting Tips & March 13th Family Engagement

Attached for Families in a Separate Email from Ms. Allison will be the following;

1.  A DPL - Digital Learning Plan - from your Educator.  Please email them directly with any questions.  For instance, Ms. Carissa does have specific groupings (orange, purple, etc.) and she’ll be sending you a follow up email to explain further; Ms. Jade has given most of her instructions to her Learners directly since they are older; Ms. Debbie, Ms. Christine and Ms. Julie are all available to walk you through what you need.

2.  Digital Learning Plans for ART, SCIENCE and AMBASSADORS OF KINDNESS

3.  Mr. Jonathan would certainly suggest you toss the ball, set up a yard-based obstacle course, hike, walk on the beach, do jumping jacks and hit golf balls.  Keep moving!

We will keep you posted on any changes concerning The School House.  For now we will be closed through the week. 

Stay safe, positive and cozy with your beautiful family.



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