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TSH Observations - 2020 March 20th

Week Ending March 20th, 2020: From Founder & Principal Mimosa Jones Tunney

I hope you are staying healthy, happy and enjoying this precious and rare time we have together.

The Coronavirus Pandemic continues to teach us many things as a nation and a world.  Among them undoubtedly is how important it is to be a country of problem solvers.  Now and in the future, we need doers, decision-makers and independent thinkers.  We need people who can work outside the box and still navigate within it to get things done.  We need innovators. 

Here are some of those people below (see photos)...

We have received dozens of emails about your children getting their uniforms on, saying the pledge at home, following work plans all by themselves without prompting.  Still others tell of making dinners or simply being creative in nature with sculptures and adventures in finding the first signs of Spring.  Many send projects in art and experiments in science.  And almost all had one thing in common: they were initiated by your children. 

Your Educators have been hard at work.  They have been compiling at least three weeks worth of materials for your child in folders that Ms. Allison will be sending out today.  This will get us to April 8th which is when we would begin April break (April 8th-20th).  Although the current New York school closure is only until April 1st, we’d rather be over-prepared should that be extended.  

You should have already received letters from your Educators or will receive them today.  Our aim is to keep in touch - via email, FaceTime or phone calls - so that our Learners feel connected.    Use your Educator… or not.  Some of you I know are happy just to be a full family right now…cleaning, organizing, playing games… for our age group, these are some of the best things you can do with your children.  If you have siblings who argue too much, just work on that everyday; stay with a topic for a long period of time and watch as they delve so much deeper into it than expected; or have them participate in Plein Air every day - the outdoor painting technique used by the Impressionists.  Throughout March we’ll continue our study of the world during the Industrial Revolution - what was happening in art, science, invention, politics, etc.  And of course delve into the History of Writing and Math.  

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