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Jennifer has a BA in Marketing, from Dowling College and an MS Ed in Adolescent Education/Special Education with a minor in Literature studies from Dowling College. She holds a Dual Advanced Certificate for School Building Leader (SBL) and School District Leader (SDL) from St. John’s University.

Jennifer also has numerous NYS Teacher Certifications: NYS Teacher English Language Arts (7th through 12th); Students with Disabilities Generalist (SWD) grades 1st to 6th and (SWD) Generalist 7th through 12th grade; Professional Certification SBL, Professional certification SDL. She brings 5+years of Educator experience and 5+ years of school leadership experience to TSH.

When not working, Jennifer loves practicing photography. She enjoys yoga and daily meditations. Recently, Jennifer and her family started venturing towards achieving a minimalistic lifestyle to “simplify all the stuff” that clutters their world.

Jennifer’s learning style has always been uniquely different; naturally, she was a daydreamer and her passions fell into the realm of the fine arts. Creating art was the cornerstone that inspired Jennifer to pursue college and she started out studying the subject. Shortly after, Jennifer realized she had an uncanny ability to create memorable presentations. Inspired by her life’s experiences, Jennifer decided to use her inventiveness to make an impact inside the classroom.

Jennifer’s worst subject was English, so she set out to do what anyone would do, she took honors level English courses, and she became an English/Special Education teacher. During this time, Jennifer set many goals, but the most essential goal was to find innovative ways to assist struggling Learners, so they too can feel the same abundance of success as the rest of the world. While teaching 11th and 12th grade English, she completed an advanced certification in School Building Leadership. Soon afterwards, Jennifer stepped into various educational leadership roles and enjoyed supporting teachers while they crafted their own practices. While working in a leadership capacity, she started taking doctoral education courses at St. John’s University and gained her advanced certification as a district leader.

For the past year, she worked as a District Leader in a Nassau County School District as an Assistant Director of Special Education.

Jennifer found her life’s purpose in serving our children. She believes that an Educator’s purpose is to guide the children towards becoming life-long Learners and leaders in self-discovery. She is excited to see that The School House (TSH) reflects the same values in their mission and is enthusiastic about being part of the TSH team!

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