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Experienced Teacher Assistant and Daycare Provider. CPR Red Cross Certified.

Kelsey is a gentle hearted, compassionate and dedicated lifelong learner with a toddler of her own. One of Kelsey’s greatest strengths is her ability to provide a safe and welcoming environment for Learners.

From the age of 14, Kelsey had found her innate passion to learn and grow with children of all ages. As a dedicated childcare provider, Kelsey has innate ability to make strong connections with children and it was second nature to provide a secure environment for them. That’s why it did not take long before Kelsey was overseeing the opening and closing of a daycare facility. Shortly after, Kelsey started coordinating supervised activities for the center. After this experience, Kelsey was thrilled to join TLH this past September and be part of the Toddler program. Educators and Learners are loving their time with her!

While working with children, Kelsey quickly recognized the demands of working parents. This is one of the reasons Kelsey strives to support the families by being flexible and understanding. Effective communication is a cornerstone of Kelsey’s approach, ensuring a partnership with Parents to fully support their child.

Kelsey expresses so much gratitude to be able to share her love of baking, flower arranging and crafting with the Learners at the Little House!

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