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MA in Elementary Education (in progress), BA in Psychology with a
minor in Sociology, Diploma in Culinary Arts, 4 years of experience as a private tutor.

Michael is a husband, father, stepfather, chef, writer, nature-lover, who is here to change the world by inspiring children to aspire to become the best version of themselves.

Michael is a man of many passions. Growing up, he lived and breathed baseball, dreaming to
pitch for the New York Yankees. He went to the University of Redlands in southern California on
both academic and athletic scholarships. Michael tore his ACL freshman year before the season
started and although it was a devastating blow, this proved to be a blessing in disguise. With the
dream of pitching gone, new passions were able to grow. He went on to take positions of
leadership as a Community Assistant, Community Director, Peer Review Board Member, Boys
and Girls Club volunteer tutor, and Student Life Representative for the student government.
Michael also started a catering business while in college, piquing his interest in the culinary
industry. All set to go to graduate school to become a Mental Health Therapist, Michael decided
to make a slight detour and enrolled in The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) in NYC to follow
his passion to cook. He followed his heart and found love there, meeting his beautiful wife and
her two incredible children. After working in a few of NYC’s finest food establishments, he
moved out to Huntington to open a creative dessert shoppe and cafe called Kiss My Cake with
his wife and her family. After seven years running the 4.5 star business, they sold the cafe in
2019. Michael had been tutoring his kids and their friends over the years and now started
professionally tutoring, working with kids (ages 7-17) on primarily math, reading, and writing in
person and online. He felt rejuvenated helping children with their studies and knew he
discovered his life’s purpose. Michael started his Masters in Elementary Education in October
2022 and is on track to finish by the end of the year. Michael also loves to write and successfully
optioned a children’s television show he created and wrote with his cousin. He’s currently
working on a children’s book series and a YA fantasy novel. Michael enjoys spending time with
his family, watching his three kids sing, act, dance, play field hockey, and football and is always
looking forward to the next concert.

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