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BS in Public Relations from Quinnipiac University/ Masters in Early Childhood Education from CW Post

Amanda graduated from Quinnipiac University and got her first desk job. One day, she looked out the large window at a beautiful floral tree and thought, “this can’t be where I am going to spend the rest of my life.” She went home that evening and spoke to her father, who was a veteran teacher and her greatest mentor. After their conversation she went back to school for her Master's in Education.

When she graduated in 2012 with her degree, she took a Kindergarten job at The Green Vale School. After spending three years there, she then took a job at a school in Harlem, also in Kindergarten. After several years she settled into a job closer to home, still loving every minute with children.

She learned about TSH in 2022 and knew this is where she wanted to be. Amanda joined TLH last year and her son John is currently in 1st Year Primary and her daughter, Ava, is at TLH. She is thrilled to share that her family has truly found their home at TSH.

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