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College of Staten Island; SUNY Farmingdale BS Business Degree (in progress)

Jennifer loves children and watching them grow into very special, unique individuals.  She attended the
College of Staten Island and completed her 3rd year when she found out she was expecting her first
child.   After moving from Brooklyn, NY to Long Island, she decided to hold off completing her degree
and had 4 more children with every intention of going back. As a busy mom of 5, Jennifer became very
involved in her children’s school activities, as class mom and in her church community, serving as a
Board member for the preschool program, and music teacher for Sunday School, Vacation Bible School,
and the Kids Club.  Upon returning to work, Jennifer was introduced to the Montessori method while
working with the Dementia residents as a Recreation aide in an Assisted living facility.  Jennifer
immersed herself in every training and seminar on this subject.  After a couple of years, Jennifer was
promoted to Recreation Director, where she implemented these principals while creating the recreation
calendar.  It was during this time as Director, that Jennifer found she also enjoyed working with budgets
and numbers.

In her spare time, Jennifer is an avid book reader.  She loves to continue to grow her mind with personal
development books but will also divulge in a good summer read for her time on the beach, where she
likes to be on her days off.  Jennifer also loves to spend time outdoors and go hiking.  Jennifer is
currently enrolled in Farmingdale to complete her degree.

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