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Former Primary Assistant Educator at The Greenvale School.

Ms. Stefanie was a Primary Assistant Educator (Grades Pre-K – Kindergarten) at the Greenvale School.
Stefanie loves the outdoors and sunsets are her happy place. She enjoys hiking and biking
and reading on the beach. As her own children are learning to “adult” Stefanie finds herself
missing the fulfillment of developing young minds.

From the dynamic world of business to the heartwarming world of education, Stefanie is
embarking on a transformative journey fueled by her unwavering passion for children. With a
deep-seated love for nurturing young minds and fostering their growth compelled Stefanie to
pivot. Now, as an educator-in-training, she will channel her energy into shaping the leaders of
tomorrow. Her transition symbolizes not only a shift in profession, but a profound
commitment to empowering the next generation through knowledge and inspiration.

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