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It's Time for a New American School.

One that Communities Build Across the Nation.

Make learning interesting and we've solved the problem of education.  Align it to the development stages of the child and we've solved the problem of education.  Make it simple, child-driven and led by passionate, intelligent Educators and we've solved the problem of education.

3-12 years old is the most critical development stage of the human being.

Getting school right is essential for the evolving future of our nation...

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18mos. - 3yr Early Education Toddler Program
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Pre-K - 6th Grade Primary & Elementary School
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Build a TSH Satellite or Homeschool in Your Hometown

The non-profit mission of The School House is to build the best Pre-K - 6th grade schools in the world combining what we know scientifically works in learning with what we love about traditional American schools. Learning becomes engaging, successful, accomplished and multi-dimensional all at once.

To those with the financial means to help us for the good of all:

We are a non-profit 501(c)3. All donations are tax deductible. 

Every Child Deserves:

A Child-First Educator Culture

Personal Responsibility 

Critical Thinking and Work Ethic

3-Hour Uninterrupted Work Cycles

Socratic Discussions

1 Hour Recess

Learner-Created Companies

Standards Achieved

Invention Fairs

Kindness and Respect

Hear Our Story Through Our Learners, Educators & Experts
Comprehensive Training For Educators & Parents Alike
Reach Out, Follow Us On Social Media, Read Our Papers & News
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